Last update: 17.06.2004
Final results
November 1st


Recycling Guatemala

Recycling Guatemala is a project that aims to develop a waste management system in Almolonga, a small agricultural village in the western highlands of Guatemala. The project started April 1st 2002 and will be finished by February 10th 2003.

The project web (these pages) present our main strategies, focuses, and, as we go along, the results and conclusions of the project. The pages also contain a section about Guatemala in general, and, for those of you visiting not only for professional reasons, a section on life beyond work. Enjoy!

The waste system

We are developing a waste collection system which will consist of domestic collection units, transport, a treatment plant and a collection centre. Go to the project section to see how the different parts are related. More...

Final results

The Recycling Guatemala project is now finished. After a spectacular opening in Almolonga on the 6th of February, the final product solutions are now being used on a daily basis. New movies added June 2004! More…

Picture Page

Looking for photos? You'll find all the pictures from the project web, and a few more, at the photo collection page.