Last update: 17.06.2004
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The Domestic Waste Containers

The domestic garbage containers are of course an important part of the system. We are currently working with potential sponsors to finance the containers, as there are no such founds in the municipality.

The product
Among the different alternative material solutions, it seems most feasible to use "costales", polypropylene woven bags, for the different waste fractions. These are relatively durable and represent by far the lowest production costs.

We work with Sacos Agro Industrial, a leading manufacturer of industrial strength bags, to develop a set of suitable containers for organic and inorganic waste. Furthermore, we eventually want to develop containers for recyclables such as glass, paper, aluminium and plastics.

There are basically two different ways of handling the containers: Empty the waste in the trunk or bringing the whole container. To benefit from the compression of the waste in the bags (the garbage trucks have no compression system), we have chosen to bring all the containers. The workers on the truck will leave one empty bag for every full one they bring. The bags are therefore designed with a sealing system that is easily handled.

According to the existing system, everyone has to pay 50 centavos (about NOK 0.5 or USD 0.07) for every bag of waste upon delivery. We will change this system and make the waste collection fee part of the monthly water and electricity bill.