Last update: 17.06.2004
November 1st


November 1st

November 1st, the day of the dead, is an important day in Guatemala. The people gather in graveyards to greet their lost ones with flowers and gifts. Almolonga, normally producing solely vegetables, supplies flowers for cemetery all over the country.

The market place in Almolonga is a pretty sight during the days before the big day. Cabbages and carrots are replaced by oceans of flowers in all imaginable colours. I spent a full day on the roof of the municipal building to see how the marked developed during the day. Get a glimpse at how it's like in the film Dawn till Dusk (4.4MB, Windows Media Player).
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Todos Santos
In Todos Santos (All Saints), a small village further up in the mountains, this day is celebrated in a very particular way. The main event is a crazy horse race, performed by the brave men in the village. The race track is a straight line. The men ride back and fourth, drinking a good zip of indigenous-strength liquor on every turn. The race starts at sunrise and continues until there is only one man riding…