Last update: 17.06.2004
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The Collection and Information Centre

The idea of a collection and information centre evolved as the "missing link" in the system. The centre is intended to perform many different tasks in the village, both in logistics and information.

Ideally, from a logistics point of view, the centre should be at the same place as the treatment plant. But since the plant is situated far up in the mountainside, and a centre like this must be at a central location in the village, we work on developing the centre inside the existing market hall.

Primarily, the collection centre will be a place where people can sell recyclable fractions of their waste, such as glass, plastics, aluminium, and paper. The wastewill be stored together at the treatment plant, and sold further to recycling businesses.

Furthermore, the collection centre will be the sales point for organic fertilisers produced at the treatment plant. It will also work as an information hub and educational resource on recycling and environmental issues in general. The education and information will be handeled by environmental promotors from "Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales" in Quetzaltenango.

Centre logotype.