Last update: 17.06.2004
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We work mainly on three different aspects of the waste management system: Domestic recollection, Transportation and logistics, and Reuse and education. The three focus areas, briefly described below, are all related and parts of one integrated system.

1 Domestic collection
The domestic collection deals primarily with end user requirements (the citizens), working on the following issues:

  • Facilitate an adequate in-house waste classification
  • Improve and standardize collection units
  • Standardize procedures for end users

2 Transport and logistics
The transport and logistics part deals for the most part with secondary user requirements (the collection crew). The main tasks in this part is to evaluate and improve the following factors:

  • Transport routes and routines
  • Payment procedures
  • collection work process for the crew (loading / unloading)
  • Tools used in the process

The work on transport and logistics will as well aim to adapt transport units to the domestic waste containers.

3 Reuse and education
The reuse is important in two matters: a) extend the lifetime of the landfill, and b) exploit the resources in the waste to the benefit of the village. The education part includes some visual and graspable demonstration of the processes, products or other, which can be used for didactic purposes. In detail, that is:

  • System for commercialisation of reusable and recyclable raw materials
  • Develop an information hub and collection centre for recyclables
  • Analyse the educative potential in the different faces of the process
  • Elaborate and produce didactic material