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Final Results

The Recycling Guatemala project is now finished. After a spectacular opening in Almolonga on the 6th of February, the final product solutions are now being used on a daily basis.

Garbage truck equipment
The new gear for waste collection turned out pretty good, and the waste collection process is now far safer, faster and more comfortable than before. Furthermore, the truck is emptied in approx. 4 minutes, a process that used to take 45, which means 90 minutes and a lot of hard work saved every day. The workers on the truck are happy, and keep on inviting me to join their crew on a permanent basis ;-)

Waste information centre

The waste information and collection centre has already gotten a lot of attention, starting with a 2 hour live transmition on television during the opening. The centre provides information on glass, plastic, paper, metal; as well as on organic waste and compostation. The information describes briefly how the material is created, how it is used and how it is recycled.
Click image to your right to se the video of the opening.
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Containers for domestic separation
Since the construction of the treatment plant was delayed, the introduction of the waste containers for separation had to be be postponed. Nevertheless, the results are produced and ready for implementation in the village.

The final project presentation took place at Norsk Forms offices in Oslo, February 19th 2003. Several other presentations has also been held for designers, students, NGO's and more. Feel free to contact if you are interested in further presentation..