Last update: 17.06.2004
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The global environmental day

As part of the environmental education in the project, we made two activities to celebrate June 5th, the global environment day, in Almolonga. We arranged a reforestation campaign, and a drawing competition for those not big enough to plant trees on their own.

Drawing competition
All the 10 schools in the village participated in the drawing competition. The theme was "What can I do to improve the environment", and we received, naturally, a lot of green drawings. The works from six finalists from every school will form an exhibition during the Almolonga summer holiday in the end of June.
  The winner!

Almolonga, despite its fertile soils, incorporate some housing areas which are in danger of landslide during the rainy season, due to steep hills, mud and scarce forestation. With the help from 140 college students and 15 military soldiers, we planted somewhat more than a thousand trees around the valley.

No arrangement with that many people involved, however, will ever take place in Almolonga without some speeches and a white band to cut. So there I was again, this time with the mayor and the head of the Quetzaltenango army…