Last update: 17.06.2004
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From Ideas to Products

We are now in the final face of the project, and the ideas and concepts in all parts of the scheme are being produced. I will leave Guatemala on the 11th of February, so that's our inevitable finish line. So far, things seem to be going good.

We are constructing and painting the waste information and collection centre. The centre is starting to develop, and the people in Almolonga appear to be genuinely interested in what we do. The centre will be an environmental information resource and the place to by organic fertilizers produced at the treatment plant. Almolongeños may also sell their waste here, if separated by material.

We're painting the international colour codes for different recyclable materials on the floor and on the walls. Each material has its section of information, indicated by the respective colour. We are also acquiring and painting waste containers for the schools in the same colours, as part of the environmental education programme.

The work on the garbage truck equipment is also advancing. We're working with a couple of local mechanics; welding, bending and measuring to get it all right. The garbage collection crew is unusually enthusiastic about their new gear, and very cooperative in the process.