Last update: 17.06.2004
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The logistics terminal for vegetables

The vegetables from Almolonga are exported in large scale to Honduras, El Salvador and parts of Mexico. All the loading and dealing takes place at the market square in the centre of the town, alongside with the consumer small-scale vendors. This causes chaos of roaming trucks and screaming merchants nearly every day.

To solve this problem and to make the centre market more consumer oriented, the municipality are about to construct a special terminal for vegetable loading and wholesale agricultural business.

The construction is to be build where the actual landfill is located, as the waste will shortly be moved to the new treatment plant. The construction of the terminal will free significant space in the centre market hall, which is now used mostly for storage of vegetables. This again permits us to use this space when designing the collection centre.

The Recycling Guatemala team have little to do with the construction of the terminal itself, but since I work in the village, my friend the mayor wanted me to found the first stone with him. So I did.

The process
First of all, the mayor saturated the soil with the blood of God, ecstatically assisted by the 3 most influential priests in the village. Secondly, they blessed the scale model of the terminal. There were speeches by the departmental governor, a couple of engineers involved, a few priests, members of the municipal council and, again, ingeniero Frederik Hansen. Finally we placed the first stone, well founded with a more than adequate amount of concrete. According to plans, the terminal will be finished within 2003.