Transport 2
Classified recyclables and compost are transported to the point of delivery at the collection centre.

What we do
We provide solutions for adequate compost and recyclables containers. The changes made to the truck to ease loading and unloading will also facilitate this process.

The Treatment Plant
The plant will, when finished, provide for waste separation and compost production.

What we do
We develop the commercialisation system of the waste as well as assist in the purchase and adaptation of plant machinery. (The "Recycling Guatemala" design team did not have anything to do with the construction of the plant.)

The truck passes through the main streets, and ends up at the landfill.

What we do
We make changes and adaptations to the collection routes to make them more cost effective, as well as to include the new treatment plant. We also work to increase the loading capacity of the truck.

The Collection Centre
This will be a new and important link in the system. It will be storage for classified waste and a sales point for compost. Recyclables will be recollected and sold further to recycling factories. It will also be an information hub on recycling and on environmental issues in general.

What we do
Developing the whole idea.

Domestic Collection
A considerable amount of the waste in the village is generated in private homes.

What we do
We develop a set of domestic garbage containers to facilitate classification in organic and inorganic waste. We also strive to improve the hygienic standards associated with domestic waste handling.

Loading the truck
The waste is manually loaded to the truck, and citizens pay cash for every bag of waste.

What we do
We make adaptations to the garbage truck itself to facilitate the loading procedure. We also make changes to the payment procedures.

Unloading the truck
The truck is currently emptied at the landfill. This is an amazingly time consuming process.

What we do
The changes applied to the truck will probably facilitate the unloading procedure. Changes might include separate handling of the two different waste fractions (organic / inorganic).

Returning from the plant
Before descending from the plant, the truck will be loaded with classified recyclables and compost produced at the plant.

What we do
We develop a logistics system to ensure an adequate flow of products.


Arriving at the centre
The truck arrives and unloads recyclables and compost.

What we do
We facilitate delivery at the collection centre, providing solutions for logistics and handling.

The centre and the people
For the people in the village the centre will be a place to sell aluminium, plastics, paper etc., and to buy organic fertilisers. It will also be a point of educational interest.

What we do
Developing the whole idea.

Last update: 17.06.2004
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The Waste Collection System

We are developing a waste collection system which will consist of domestic collection units, transport, a treatment plant and a collection and information centre. Touch the icons and arrows in the figure below for explanations.